Hybrid VR Classroom is a cross platform virtual conferencing app for conducting remote 3D presentation, lecture or training. It also offers a set of tools to create custom interactive 3D slides (Slides of the metaverse) and offers hybrid conferencing solution. EDVR is for professors, lectures, training instructors who are seeking to deliver a class/training that requires 3D visualization effectively and remotely

Hybrid VR Classroom offers a platform to deliver, immersive, interactive and high-quality 3D presentation/training/lecture with a comprehensive set of tools to create custom interactive 3D slides for lecture or training Our solution highly focuses on the visualization of the contents in the presentation that increases the knowledge retention in the participants by activating their episodic memory 3D slides accelerate and assist in the process of teaching concepts and methodology to pupils with more ease and dexterity EDVR also offers a way to conduct high risk training in a safe virtual environment remotely without the need of VR headset. EDVR is trying to solve the problems in online learning and remote training 1. Lack of visualization in online learning and remote training 2. Low retention rate in remote classroom 3. Monotonous and distracting interface of a remote class