VR Classroom

The next generation of remote learning

VR Classroom is a VR multiplayer application that helps students study STEM subjects together. It has STEM subjects like Biology, Astronomy, and Geology. VR Classroom is the next generation of remote/distant learning. Many students all over the world are displaced out of their classrooms because of COVID 19. Students are using video conferencing applications but it does not teleport the students in the classroom. Students can only communicate with their teacher verbally and it has many limitations. Apps like this have put many students in perplexing and confusing situations. Research has shown students often find it difficult to real in 2D Screens.

This is where our VR application kicks in. It has multiplayer connectivity so that you can communicate verbally and non-verbally. Yes, you heard it right. You can use your gestures and body language to communicate with your teacher as in real life. You can explore many STEM subjects inside the app visualizing it with interactive experience beside your teacher. It provides immersive classroom experience, except your classroom can be virtually anything from a solar system to a cell inside a human body. The teacher can teach about the solar system and feel like an astronaut. He can explain different planet , compositions , orbital mechanics. He can demonstrate how the planets revolve around the sun. He can explain about the asteroid belt by being in the same exact position. They can also perform biology experiments without stepping foot into expensive biology labs. The teacher can teach the students by visualizing the different layers and systems of the body. He can unwrap the body and explain any detail in the human anatomy. He can also demonstrate how the bones form the structure of our human body. He can demonstrate and visualize different layers of the earth. It’s as easy as just swiping in fruit ninja.