Exploration of Solar System

Exploration of Solar System is a immersive tour of the Solar System. The user experiences of what’s it like to be an astronaut .The user can gain the knowledge about how the planet revolve around the sun. They can visualize the relative scale of the cosmic entities such as planets ,sun ,asteroid. The user can also interact with the game via voice command. The user can teleport to different planets via voice commands. The user can also change different player settings and activate different player abilities via voice command . The experience also consist of spatial audio system to fully immerse the user while touring the solar system. There are different abilities such as zooming with hands out, Seeing another planet through portal etc.

Study of Human Anatomy

Study of Human Anatomy is a immersive Virtual reality experience about the inner workings of the human body . The user can cut through bodies and see organs beneath the skin . The user can choose which body system they want to look with details. The user can perform many manipulation with human body such as dissolving various systems. X-ray is also a feature where the user can only see certain parts beneath the skin. All of the above feature can also be activated with voice commands. It also consist of skeleton build up where the user have to pickup the individual skeleton and build a complete skeleton .It emphasis learning by doing rather than memorizing text books.

Earth Geology and Geography

Earth Geography and geology is a comprehensive visualization about the earth structure. The user have the ability to cut the earth and see what it consist beneath. The user can zoom to specific parts of the earth and learn about the maps and territory of the countries .The user can also visualize the inner parts of the earth. The user can also go to different places of the earth by simply activating voice commands.